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Group Billing Options - Defined


If there are multiple units on the right side of the Reservation Entry / Edit form , this is a group booking . Group bookings have a drop-down box below the Unit list. This allows you to choose a billing type for this group.


Click the button to view the list of options. Click to select one.



Before a group reservation is made, determine how the fees are to be paid. There could be several people, billed separately, or only one bill for the group. There is only one chance to set the Billing Options before you save the reservation. Once you have clicked the Update button, if you have made an error, you must delete the reservation and create the booking again.

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Following is a description of the billing options you can set to display using the ROS2006 Setup™ program in the Field Sort Order Rez Group Types table. From the Business List, select Setup - Preferences - Data Fields. The Field Sort Order window will appear. Click the button to the right of the Table: field. Choose the Rez Group Types table.



The image above shows the default setting for this table. When all of the Rez Group Types have their Show? column value set to No, they will ALL appear on the Reservation Entry / Edit form. If you set ONLY ONE to Yes, only that one will appear.

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Billing Option


Single Bill - Single Client

All charges are billed to the first reservation in the list (the Wagon Master ). The Wagon Master is responsible for the entire bill. All reservations are on one bill on the Additional Charges or Payment / Deposit Entry forms.

Separate Bills - Single Client

Each unit in the list has its own charges and bill. Select this billing type if the group leader (Wagon Master) is to pay for each unit separately, or when you do not know who is to be assigned to which unit, but you do know that each reservation is to be paid separately. You can always assign the units at a later time.

Initial Fees - Single Client

Only the charges created with the initial group booking are billed to the Wagon Master. Other charges go to each individual reservation. This is useful if one person is paying for the room/site charges, and each reservation pays for additional charges such as food or movies.

Single Bill - Separate Clients

Each unit has a different client assigned to it. This type of billing allows any, or all of the clients to pay for the entire bill. All reservations share the same bill when you bring up the Additional Charges or Payment / Deposit Entry forms.

Separate Bills - Separate Clients

Each unit has a different client assigned to it. Each reservation in the group has its own charges and bill. Use this if everyone in a group booking is paying individually.

Initial Fees - Separate Clients

Corporate bookings use this feature to pay unit charges and have the individual renters take care of any other fees (i.e. boat rentals, movies, etc.). There are several different clients, but the group leader is paying only the initial fees. This includes the reservation and any fees associated with it.


Reminder: Once the reservation is updated, the full range of billing options is no longer available. If it is necessary to change the billing options after the booking is saved, you must cancel and redo the reservation.

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