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A specialized form of periodic billing, night audit is used in the Hotel / Motel industry to bill clients for each day separately. Tentative charge transactions are created on the reservations you make. Tentative transactions have a future dollar value but are not yet sales, and therefore not yet revenue. The tool is named Night Audit because you process bills every night. This converts tentative transactions for that day into realized transactions, resulting in confirmed charges and revenue. You must process the billings to convert the tentative transactions every day. If you do not perform this process your income statements and till tape will be incorrect.

See Periodic Billing for more information

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Main Menu

Select Tools - Procedures - Night Audit. This menu choice displays only when you enable Night Audit on the Night Audit / Periodic Billing tab in Preference Setup using the ROS2006 Setup™ program. (If this is set to No, the menu choice defaults to Periodic Billing.)


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Ensure that ROS2006 is fully configured for use. Basically you have to be able to make a reservation and have the proper rates appear by default. If you are not able to make a reservation that automatically generates the correct rate , review your rate structure.


Enable the preference for the night audit billing system in Preference Setup by selecting Setup - Preferences - Business from the menu in ROS2006 Setup™. Double click the Night Audit / Periodic Billing preferences list to expand it and scroll to Night Audit. Change this item to Yes to enable night audit. Click Update and Close.

Note: When you first start your new ROS2006™ program, Night Audit is already turned on.

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Making Reservations with Night Audit enabled

Making a reservation with the night audit preference enabled is no different than making a regular reservation. Highlight the grid and click on the Book icon on the toolbar or press the <Insert> key on the keyboard.

The Reservation Entry / Edit form itself does not change, but the reservation charges are broken down into individual days and future charges are tentative.

How Night Audit Transactions Work

The individual transactions for each day of the reservation display in the New Reservation Charges frame. The total charges currently owing for the reservation display in the Reservation Totals column.


Before updating the reservation, click the Sales button to open the Additional Charges form. Note that the transactions for the reservation are on a white background. This indicates that you have not yet updated the reservation and saved the transactions to the database. At this point you can cancel the reservation without any record of it occurring. The balance on the Additional Charges form displays the full amount of the bill. This changes after you update the reservation. While the transactions are white they can be modified in several ways. You can change the date that the transaction will show up in the night audit billing, modify the rates that apply, and edit the description of the transactions.


Update the reservation and then click the Sales button again. The transactions now have a yellow background, meaning the transactions are saved and the reservation is real. Note that the balance owing today on the Additional Charges form is $0.00. The balance is $0.00 because the transactions for future days in the reservation have not yet been processed. Until you check in the reservation and process the first night audit, there is no balance owing. This allows you to track your income on a day by day basis.

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Critical Items to Remember

In order for the billing process to work properly, ensure all clients are properly checked in and checked out on time. If you forget to check in a client who has arrived, he does not show up in the billing list for that day. If you neglect to check a client out he continues to show up in the list.

You must process the night audit billing every day to correctly track your income. Do the billing before running your other End of Day procedures.


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Select Tools - Procedures - Night Audit from the menu. Proceed with the Night Audit billing following the detailed instructions for Periodic Billing.

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